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While there are many superb pre-made tracks available – there is nothing quite like a customized, unique, and exclusive track designed with your project and need in mind.


How to get started

Whether you are looking for a specific tone for your short film, a mood for your commercial, or if you are looking to release your own album but don’t have the time to produce the tracks – creating EDM, House, Electro, or Alternative tracks that are 100% authentic to your vision is simple, quick, and stress-free.  How easy?  Let us walk you through the process:

Discuss the Concept

Meet with our producers to establish the idea of the piece, the tone, the mood, and audience

Submit the Demo

If you have an example of a tone or piece that embodies your goal, submit that for consideration.

Submit the Requirements

Finalize the expectations, goals, and sound that is looking to be achieved – and then walk away.  We’ll do the rest.

Receive the First Milestone

After a few days, we deliver a quick clip of the project to ensure it is moving in the direction you are looking for.  Adjustments can be made easily.

Final Production

With the go-ahead given, we get straight to work to finalize your on-demand EDM track.


Beginning from scratch

For those who are looking for something specific and with no real comparison piece, the process is the same.  Instead of submitting a demo or example, our team works with you to assemble sounds, beats, and concepts to create your fully unique vision.


As a customer you get

100% of the copyrights

100% anonymity guarantee

All single stems

Mastered and unmastered versions

Midi files of the main melody


We also offer mastering services for tracks not purchased directly with us.  We offer high-level, detail oriented, and powerful mastering services that will take your track to the next level.


Finishing and Finalizing

As music producers ourselves, we understand that the occasional block or time constraint can hold up even the greatest artist.  We offer finishing services for other artists who need an outside ear, mind, or perspective to create the masterpiece the artist originally envisioned.

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